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First week free!
Adult classes - Monday/Wednesday 7:00 – 8:30pm - 1 session £6.00 - 2 sessions £10.00
Children’s Classes - Tuesday 6:00 – 7:00pm - 1 session £5.00

Self Defence and your first session

What is AutoDefence WingTchun Self Defence?

An intelligent, and very clever effective Martial Art, 300 years since its inception in China. It is based on a few sound guiding principles of ergonomic movement, suitable for anyone – teaching you achievable safe and functional Self Defence. The term ‘AutoDefence’ is used to best describe the aim & outcome of our unique programme – this along with our modern and integrated fitness and fat loss training programme, could deliver you a multitude of other health benefits.

The core elements:

  • Fitness and flexibility.
  • Self Defence techniques.
  • Pre-emptive and escape tactics.
  • Bag-work, Pad-work.
  • Free sparring. (optional)

The First Session

Bring a drink, towel, comfortable clothing, maybe a friend and we’ll do the rest.You will spend time with your new teacher prior to the session, who will explain the activity to you and register and induct you for your free session.

Classes typically last 60/90 minutes and are suitable for all.

The classes comprise of 8 phased elements which develop your Flexibility, Skill, Balance, Speed, Agility and Power.
You’ll be guided through a nice, easy warm-up which over time will help improve your flexibility.

After which, you will practice controlling and counter techniques as a group.

Then you will move on to rehearsing the techniques with a training partner.

To test the mechanics of the technique, you will now apply it to apparatus.

Finally, to the close the Self Defence session, you will have free-time technique application – before a brief wind-down with a stretch.

That then leads to the next part of the training segment – our strength and conditioning programme (optional) – with body & free weights.

On completion, light stretch with lowering of heart rate – you can now return home with moves to practice for your next session.

It has long been argued that through study of the martial arts, people develop a measurable sense of accomplishment and a mastery of mind over body contributing to greater self-esteem.

Through the teacher-student relationship the martial-arts student embarks on a voyage of self discovery and learns the importance of respect, humility and regard for others.

Nick Smart – Master Exponent & Personal Coach – 45 years experience.

You are invited to visit his training academy, and enjoy a ‘free’ weeks trial, experience first hand, see what he and his team have been coaching for many successful decades.

Discover why people travel to train with him here in the UK, why he has featured on the front cover of specialist magazines, invited to demonstrate in South America, Europe, USA and the Far East on television.

And learn why he is invited from around the world to coach seminars, workshops, teacher training, and the trainers of special force groups – but more importantly, following his passion of coaching and promoting the participation by the general public, to get involved with his multi-faceted training methods, from functional fitness to defence training – this activity is different from anything else out there – call now, and try it out !!

If this appeals to you, please use Our Gyms to find a participating centre.

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